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Car Accessories Division
 Tyre Valves

BBW & Co continues to transform original ideas from wheel weight balancing to car accessories and has earned a good name in manufacturing and supplying of Tyre valves, Tyre Repair tools, Tyre repair kit, Insert Seal, Car Covers and Tyre & Tube patches. BBW constantly enhances the quality, service and eco-friendly performance to all the car accessories and thus delivering quality products.

Tyre valve allows the air to be pumped in and holds the air within the Tyre. It effectiveness reduces over time, and reduces the pressure inside. We manufacture different Tyre valve series such as TR 413 Series, TR 413 Decorate sleeve & Cap Valves, Chrome Sleeve & Cap Straight Type, Chrome Sleeve & Cap Loudhailer Type, Tn413-CH Series Screw-on Style, TR600 Series High Pressure Snap-in Valves, Aluminum Color Sleeve & Caps. The TR 413 Series is resistance to Cold, heat and Ozone and available in different models.

Separate care is taken to all the Tyre Valves to maintain pressure losses due to centrifugal force (at high speed if the valves get deteriorated, the centrifugal force generated will bend the valve & results in possible air loss). All valves are provided with caps to filter dust from air, moisture and water.

TR 413 Series (Cold Heat and Ozone resistance)
TRNO ETRNO NO.(REF.NO.) Rim holes Eff length (mm)              Parts A B C
Core Cap
TR412 V2.03.6 11.5(.453''dia) 22 9002#  VD5 33 22 15
TR413 V2.03.1 11.5(.453'' dia) 30 42.5 32 15
TR414 V2.03.2 11.5(.453'' dia) 38 48.5 38 15
TR414L V2.03.8 11.5(.453'' dia) 45 58.5 48 15
TR418 V2.03.4 11.5(.453'' dia) 49 61.5 51 15
TR423 11.5(.453'' dia) 62 74 63.5 15
TR415 V2.03.3 18(.825'' dia) 30 42.5 32 19.2
TR425 18(.825'' dia) 49 61.5 51 19.2
TR438 V2.03.5 8.8(.346'' dia) 32 40.5 31 11
TR 413 Decorate sleeve and & Cap Valves
Chrome Sleeve & Cap Straight Type
Chrome Sleeve & Cap Loudhailer Type
Tn413-CH Series Screw-on Style
TR600 Series High Pressure Snap-in Valves
For 11.5(.453''dia.)Rim Holes
TRNO. ETRTO NO. Eff.Length (mm) Parts
Core Cap
TR600HP 30 9002# VC0
TR602HP 49
For 0.16(.625''dia.)Rim Holes
TR801HP 31 9002# VCB
TR802HP 49
Aluminum Color Sleeve & Caps