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BHARAT BALANCING WEIGHTSS & Co (BBW) is a leading manufacturer of Wheel Balance Weights in India. BBW also manufactures Sheet Metal Components, Stampings, Cold Forgings, Machined Components, Pressure and Gravity Die Castings, Sub-Assemblies and Fabrication Parts. Run by professionals who have more than three decades of experience in auto industry.

What We Do

Wheel BalanceWeights

BBW is the only manufacture who provides complete wheel weights program in four different materials: Lead, Zinc, Steel and Tin. Wheel Weights are available in both the Series (1) Clip Type and (2) Patch (Sticker) Adhesive Type. BBW has the capability to design and develop wheel balance weights as per customer specific requirements; virtually any balancing need.

Car Accessories

BBW manufactures Alignment Shims for Cars, UV’s, Trucks and Buses

Pressed Parts

BBW manufactures various Sheet Metal Components, Stampings, Deep Draw Parts to Auto Industry and General Engineering Industries. Parts are made using Spring Steel, Low Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper and Brass. BBW has necessary well-constructed workspace, latest technology machines, well trained and dynamic work force

Die Castings

BBW manufacturers Gravity and Pressure Die Cast Parts. Parts are done in Zinc Alloy, Aluminium Alloy. Experienced professionals and innovative technologies gives us added advantage compared to others. BBW also supplies Die Cast Parts fully finished (including machining, heat treatment, surface coating) to customers.

Cold Forgings

BBW supplies Cold Forge parts for automotive and general engineering industries. Supplies are done in fully finished condition (including machining, heat treatment, surface coating).

Lead Ingots

Lead Ingots are supplied to various customers as per their alloy requirement. If required, pure lead (99.97% purity) is also supplied.


Our Features

World Class Quality, Prompt Delivery, Competitive Pricing & 24x7 Response Makes Us Unique.

High quality innovative product

BBW supplies all products with 0PPM. Have been receiving continuous awards for 0PPM from clients year-on-year.

100% fill rate, always

BBW team tirelessly work and ensures 100% fill rate, always.

Prompt service

Regular Schedules and Emergency support’s are done by BBW team. Satisfied customers make a point to give repeat orders and new RFQ’s. Always welcome new customers with humble.

Competitive pricing

BBW works closely with customers on VA/VE and pass on benefits which makes win-win to both the sides. Prices are given very competitively to customers with transparent cost-break-up.

24 X 7 Availability

BBW team is available 24x7 and ensures customer unexpected surprise requirements are met.

Short turn-around time

BBW’s key-success is Short turn-around time. Sustenance and improving from present level is kept practising.

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